The Powers That Be: Is the Music Industry Pimping the Music?


The Powers That Be: Is the Music Industry Pimping the Music?

There has been a lot of talk in recent times that music is not what it used to be. It’s easy to see why there have been many saying this about the industry as music has changed greatly in the last few years. However, there are some saying the music industry are pimping out the music. Is that true? Has the music industry really changed that much that it’s now pimping the music?

Record Companies Have Final Say over Music

What you do have to remember is that the owners of the record companies and record labels technically own the music the artist is releasing. What does that mean? Well, they have control over what is being released and when and how it’s received to the world. Does that mean it’s really being pimped out? No, not really but it does show who holds the power. Unless an artist owns their own record company, they have to rely on others to help promote and release their songs which is often frustrating.

Cunning Release or Holding Back Power?

When record companies are dealing with clients, they are usually the ones who say when the music is to be released and that can often seem as though they carry the power. In a sense, they are the ones to carry the power but they are also waiting for the right time to release the music. Remember, record companies aren’t wasting their time recording music that is never going to be released! They want artists they can make money from so unless they think they’re going to make money; they won’t record or release a song.

Why Has the Industry Changed?

Over the last few decades, the face of music has changed and that has also changed the way the industry works. Today, people know the music they want to listen to and that means there is a lull of what music is released. It might all seem the same but it’s what the people want. Sometimes, it does look and feel as though the big-shots in the music industry are calling all the shots and are pimping music out but it might not be the real case. There are many recording labels and companies that are taking raw talent and putting the best into it to make it a household name. Sometimes, it doesn’t always work out but there is real potential.

Music Has Many Faces

In truth, there are many sides and faces to music and some of them will only be seen by a select few. In truth, there is a lot of power in music and there are many who call the shots that hold all the cards for artists and groups alike. However, it doesn’t mean to say the industry is being pimped out. There is something fresh and appealing but today’s music and while it doesn’t hold a candle the songs of times past, there’s still some magic left in it. Music is there to be loved and enjoyed, so enjoy it.